How to Paint Fender Flares the Right Way

Learn The Right Way to Paint Your Fender Flares

Fender flares are normally used on vehicles not only to provide an extension to its fender but also to give your vehicle a unique look and protect its wheels. When you want to improve the looks of your car then first of all you should choose fender flares of the style you want like the Bushwhacker style or the style of the original fender flares. Then you should paint it by following the paint code of your car. The information provided in this write-up will help you in painting fender flares of your vehicle in the right way.

Choosing the design and color for your fender flares

While choosing the color for painting fender flares you should opt for the paint code of your car to match their color perfectly. You can contact the manufacturer of your vehicle or use the manual of your vehicle to find the exact code of paint so that the color of the fender can match the rest of the vehicle.

By using the same color of paint for your fender flares you can make them look as if they are original flares that came with your car. It is better to use fade-resistant paint for this purpose so that you can enjoy its shine for a long time otherwise it will go away whenever you will clean it by using a buff to remove dust and contaminants from its surface.

To give a bold look to your car you can also use a different color to paint its fender flares.

If you want to paint a certain design on your flares then you can also use stencils to give them a customized look.

Buy paint and equipment

You should buy automotive paint from paint stores that can make its color as per your paint code and put it into an aerosol can so that you can spray it on your fender flares even without using a spray gun. However, if you want to use a spray gun for this purpose then you must buy a complete kit with a gun of 3M PPS and interchangeable various disposable tips so that you can use it for spraying primer paint, gels as well as a clear coat of USC for a long time.

Sand the fender flares

The next step to paint the fender flares of your car is to clean them by using a glass cleaner. You should use scuff pads to rub the flares thoroughly so that paint can stick to them effectively. You should use a gray or red scuff pad for this purpose depending upon the paint code of your car. A gray scuff pad is normally used to rub on highly metallic colors like bronze, gold, or silver whereas a red scuff pad can be used on the rest of the colors. While rubbing the fender flares you must keep in mind that it should not look shiny anywhere because a shiny surface paint can lead to peeling of the patin after some time. After scuffing the flares you can use a compressor to blow off the excess. You can also use a glass cleaner to clean the flares thoroughly.

Apply the basecoat

Now you are ready to start painting your fender flare. You can put the flares on a table or a garbage can so you have a stable area to paint. While starting to paint fender flares you should, first of all, apply a base coat of primer. The color of the primer should be close to the color you are going to use to give final look to your flares. Normally primer of red, black, white, or gray color is used for this purpose as they can match most of the medallion paints more effectively. You can buy a spray can of good quality and quick-drying primer just by spending a few bucks more as it will help you to finish your task as soon as possible. However, before applying the coat of paint you must allow the primer to dry for at least 30 minutes.

Apply the coat of paint

When the coat of primer is completely dry, you can apply a coat of the paint as per the paint code of your car by using a spray gun. While spraying paint on the flares you should hold the spray gun 1-2 inches away from the surface of the flares and press its button to apply the paint in sweeping long strokes. You should go on spraying a single coat of paint on them until you cover the entire surface. However, you should bit spray paint in short or small bursts as it can give an irregular look to your flares.

After spraying a single coat of paint you should allow it to dry for at least one hour. If you are using a quick-drying automotive paint for this purpose then your first coat can dry in 15-20 minutes. After waiting for some time, depending upon the type of paint you are using, you should ensure whether it has dried away or not by touching it with your hand. If the paint transfers to your hand then you should give it some more time to dry out.

When the first coat is completely dried out, you can start applying the second coat similarly as you have applied the first one. The second coat of paint will give a richer and darker look to your flares as compared to the looks given by the first coat. Now you should allow the flares to dry away again before repeating the process until you get the desired shade of color on your fender flares.

After applying the final coat you should allow it to dry overnight so that the basecoat, as well as the coats of paint, can dry effectively by the next morning.

Thus the task of painting fender flares is complete if you are satisfied with their final looks.